„Mein Tagebuch 3“ jetzt im App Store verfügbar

Erhältlich im App StoreMein Tagebuch 3 für iPhone & iPad: SO geht Tagebuch in der digitalen Generation – zum Start nur 2,69 statt 4,49 Euro

„Mein Tagebuch“, die Tagebuch App für das iPhone und iPad ist ab sofort in Version 3 im App Store verfügbar. Für Version 3 wurde das  komplette Interface der App überarbeitet und mit vielen neuen Funktionen ausgestattet:

• Passwort-Schutzfunktion
• Eigene Covergestaltung
• Schriftgröße und -art frei wählbar
• Kalender
• Hoch- oder Querformat
• Frei plazierbare Elemente (z.B. Bilder/Smileys)
• Wettereinbindung
• Sprachaufnahme
• Standort einbinden (z.B. bei Reisen)
• Social Media Integration (Facebook/Twitter)
• Export als PDF und Text
• iCloud Synchronisation

Erhältlich im App Store

Preview 1.2. – The new Export-Function

Our favorite new feature in „My Own Diary HD 1.2“ – is the export function. In the new version you’ll be able to send your complete diary (or one specific entry) via email or to export it to your iPad.
You can also choose from 2 file-formats – PDF or text document. You will love this feature.

Version 1.2 is nearly finished an we’ll release it soon.

Preview 1.2. – The new icon bar

Well, „My own Diary 1.2.“ is still to come. Now we give you a first look at the brand new icon bar with a lot of cool features. There is a button to change your font, one for export as a pdf, one to edit an entry….

„Rainy Weekend Event“ – My Own Diary HD for only 99 Cent

Rain Rain Rain – that´s the sadly forecast for bavaria this weekend. But the good news is – that we purchase our „My Own Diary“ iPad App for only 99 cent in the appstore. Only this weekend from 8th to 9th of may. Enjoy it and have fun with your iPad – in your comfortably, dry couch. :)

How to achieve an (almost) perfect „My own Diary“ App Icon

Even for a Graphic Designer with years of experience and know-how, developing nice App-Icons is certainly no picnic.

A few „Design-Updates“ were required – to the current 1.1. Version of our in Store Diary to make it sparkle, and hopefully, stand out from the crowd of other Icons at the Apple-Store a little better

The most important things for a successful App-Icon are the following: simplicity, clarity and a good interaction with the basic look and feel of the App. Always take care of the small details – shadows, small gradients and backgrounds, as well as taking care of the different Versions.