How to achieve an (almost) perfect „My own Diary“ App Icon

Even for a Graphic Designer with years of experience and know-how, developing nice App-Icons is certainly no picnic.

A few „Design-Updates“ were required – to the current 1.1. Version of our in Store Diary to make it sparkle, and hopefully, stand out from the crowd of other Icons at the Apple-Store a little better

The most important things for a successful App-Icon are the following: simplicity, clarity and a good interaction with the basic look and feel of the App. Always take care of the small details – shadows, small gradients and backgrounds, as well as taking care of the different Versions.

3 Gedanken zu “How to achieve an (almost) perfect „My own Diary“ App Icon

  1. How to achieve an (almost) perfect "My own Diary" App Icon

  2. Please fix my own diary..before I can use the dairy but when I create with the status always loadin.

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